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Current Aviation News

Will the FAA ever fully approve the sports pilot license? Last year AOPA reported that the FAA was close to a final decision on it. Then news about it stopped. And once again, the pilots hoping for a chance to reconoiter.

A Salute to the Fallen Pilots

  • John Denver
  • John F. Kennedy

When we think of these courageous heros, our hearts bleed. Let us never forget these men. John Denver, the dreamer, the creater of sunshine on your shoulder....He lived a life exploding with creativity. And then there's another John. Our beloved prince, JFK. According to Aviation Safety, September 1999 edition, Piper PA-32-R301 Saratoga II, N9253N, crashed into the water approximately 7 1/2 miles southwest of Gay Head, Martha's Vineyard on July 16, 1999 at 9:41 EDT. Every time you fly by JFK Airport along the South Shore of Long Island, think of him. He wasn't quite his father, but he was certainly his own man.

The year 2003 marked the Wright Brothers' Centennial of Flight

Don't forget:

  • Sun 'N Fun...April 13-19
  • AOPA...October 21-23, Long Beach, CA
  • Oshkosh...July 27-August 2, Oshkosh, WI.
  • MMOPA...October 6-9, Palm Springs, CA.

The annual Long Island Airshow at Brookhaven Airport, Shirley, New York is usually held in the mid-summer.

Don't miss the Elmira/Corning National War Planes Musium, which has a wonderful collection of National War planes right on the field. Call 607-739-8200 for details and directions.

Blairestown is the perfect place to see a really local grass field the way aviation once was, complete with a quaint little cafe with delicious hamburgers and scrambled eggs.

Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome Museum

Beginning May 15 the museum opens to the public and features two air shows, one show Saturday and a different show Sunday, all through the summer until October 31. Each show presents a little humor, a little fun and a lot of aviation, spot-lighting vintage aircraft. Among them are WWI antigue planes, biplanes, triplanes, dog fights. It's located at 44 Stone Church Road, Rhinebeck, New York 12538. Call: 1-800-FDR-VISIT or visit them on the web at: Old Rhinebeck.Old Rhinebeck Museum is open all year.

Here's just a sample of what you can expect at Old Rhinebeck, featuring:

Other aviation enthusiasts at: Flying in America

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