Frequently Asked Questions

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Who is D. Wayne Dworsky?

He is a writer, pilot and teacher. As a writer, he writes novels, short stories and poetry. As a pilot, he explores the skies in small aircraft. He flies a Piper J-3 Cub, a Piper Cherokee, a Cessna Skyhawk, and a Decathlon aerobatic. As a teacher, he teaches mathematics in secondary school. He also conducts seminars for children to prepare for the fourth grade and eighth grade state exams in mathematics and language arts.

Why does he have a web site?

D. Wayne Dworsky opened his web site primarily to promote his poetry and other writing. He has also included various aspects of his life, such as his love of nature, aviation and teaching children.

What are his plans for the future?

To build a writing career. In addition to the poetry chapbooks, he plans to release a CD, (recorded by the author) very soon. In addition, his book of quips entitled, The Teachers Always Write,embraces the humor that unfolds in the dynamics of a classroom. In the spring a novel is planned for publication. All these and more will be available through this site.

Where else can I find D. Wayne Dworsky's literary work?

His work will be available on this site as well as book fairs, street fairs and some book stores. He does poetry readings all over New York City, in coffee shops, parks and lecture halls. Look for public notices on this site in the near future. For more information, click