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Links are the blessing of web-site navigation. Links give a certain freedom and open up new vistas.

Links are by far the neatest and most expeditious way of gathering free news and information. Take advantage of the wealth of links on this page. And it will continue to grow.

Hear the music play, see the fireworks, smell the aroma, tast the aura, feel the essence envelop you

We are alwasys open to important news, information, and new links. If you have any suggestons, you may leave them in the Guestbook or email them

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Aviation Links

Free information is valuable. Sometimes we derive free information from the most unlikely sources. In many cases free information can be found nowhere else. News is generally free, but why not include it if it is relevent and free. And finally, items that are free always mark a blessing. You just can't beat getting something for nothing, or at least almost nothing.

Links are both news and information, and they are always free.

Steve Weaver

Aviation Enthusiast Corner

Airport Information

Space Smithsonian



Intellicast Weather Information

Airport Information

National Air and Space Museum

A Pilot's Guide to Fly-in Restaurants

The Smithsonian Institute

The Weather channel

J-3 History

Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome

Cradle of Aviation Museum

Flying in America

Aircraft Spruce & Specialty


Ultra Flight

Some of the best eatin' on an airfield are closer than you think. Here's this year's picks by the Host. Blairstown. Outrageously delicious burgers, wonderful eggs and homefries, and a luscious stack of pancakes. If you're traveling east, don't miss the great eatery at Martha's Vineyard. Nashua, MA., has a wonderful place if you want to travel north. If you make a comment about airfield eateries, they will be posted here.

Bader field remained open last year. They even had a make-shift FBO, utilizing a trailer for their base of operations. Still, the quarter mile walk to the boardwalk is well worth it. The assortment of eating places and activities is grat, and you don't have to gamble.

Don't forget that pesky runway 22. Since you are not allowed to fly over Atlantic City, you must enter your approach from the inlet just to the north, flying over the industrial area, making right traffic on runway 22. You will have a quarter mile final from your right base.

The Webmaster found a great, new place to land your aircraft near Poughkeepsie, NY. Ever fly to an airport to find that there is no restaurant on the field and none in the immiate vicinity? That has happened on more than one occasion to yours truly. Don't fret! There is a pleasant solution to this depressing problem. An uncontrolled field called Sky Acres sets nestled in the rolling hills about ten miles northeast of Poughkeepsie. It's a delightful, old-fashion airpark with a wonderful eatery right on the field.

Writing Links

Writing is the ultimate freedom. You get to create everything from the characters to the setting. You create an entire world. You can even invent a language. Just look what Gene Roddenberry did. Star Trek, anyone? And, there is no limit to what you can do once you have a loaded pen in hand. Visit some of these for inspiration:

The foremost authority on writing is Writer's Digest. Visit them at:Writer's Digest

Stores Where Touching the Sky Is Available

Oblong Books, Rhinebeck, NY

Merritt Bookstore, 7496 South Broadway, Red Hook, NY 12571 (Also stores in Millbrook and Cold Springs).

St. Marks Bookshop, 31 Third Ave., NY., NY 10003

Writing support groups. The best of the web:



Rider Creations


Coming soon: links for book stores, book fairs, and poetry reading locations.

Educational or Pedagogical Links

The educational supervisors say, "In an effort to improve teaching strategy, we recommend, (but we are really instituting the following changes:")

Comment Section

  • Team-teaching
  • Lesson plan sharing
  • Lesson review
  • Mini observation

Reactions of some pedagogical staff: "You remind me of a bully in the fifth grade who always changes the rules in the middle of the game."

What are among the reasons for early retirement?

  • Lengthening the day
  • Decreasing salary
  • Closer supervision(which really means picking on certain teachers)
  • Changing the rules in the middle of the game
  • Threatening the sanctity of the teaching profession
  • Undermining teacher authority

And here are a few important links:

High Wired

Personal Comments





If you are retiring don't learn the hard way. First make an appointment with UFT retirement representative. Then fill out forms, get an application and take relevent forms notorized. Submit to TRS by hand, get a receipt. Submit a copy of the receipts to your payroll secretary.

If you leave me a comment about DOE, TRS, UFT or pedagogical concerns, they will be posted here.